Dayton says Hutchinson Technology jobs headed to Thailand because they’ll work for less

Gov. Mark Dayton met with the head of Hutchinson Technology Wednesday to follow up on the company’s announcement that it is cutting 600 jobs in Hutchinson.

Afterward, Dayton said global market conditions are responsible for the lost jobs, says the Hutchinson Leader.

“It is through no fault of the workers in Hutchinson that they are losing their jobs,” Dayton said. “Unfortunately, in Thailand, they are willing to work for a fraction of what people are willing to work for here. The fact that [the company] still exists in Hutchinson is a credit to workers here, the company’s management and the city.”

And Dayton told the Minnesota Independent that there’s some good news: The company will keep its headquarters and research and development department in Hutchinson.

“The jobs that remain are skilled professionals,” Dayton said, while noting that the manufacturing employees were being sought out by local employers and were also eligible for retraining and education programs.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Don Frey on 03/17/2011 - 02:36 pm.

    Sorry, Gov. Dayton, but the management of Hutchinson Technology doesn’t get a pass on this one. Who forced them to move the manufacturing to Thailand? If the manufacturing process is largely automated, as I suspect it is, then the cost of training people in Thailand to operate and support the equipment has to come from somewhere. Untrained people cost a lot of money when you look at the big picture – low productivity, poor quality, etc. Besides what does it cost to ship the finished parts to their ultimate destination? Again, there’s no free lunch.

  2. Submitted by Ross Williams on 03/17/2011 - 06:24 pm.

    Unfortunately it costs money to train workers whether they are in Hutchinson or Thailand. In todays environment, there is a good chance that most of the workers in Hutchinson will require training just to keep up with the technology.

    The second unfortunate reality is that, with inferior education, the workforce in Minnesota and the rest of the United States is no longer ahead of other countries. It may well be that in Thailand its easier to find a supply of better educated workers who are easier to train.

    And if anyone thinks its unskilled jobs that are going overseas they aren’t paying attention. Microsoft and most of the other high tech companies are establishing major research and development centers in places like China.

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