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Tim Walz worries that government shutdown is nigh

Giving the polarized nature of political discourse in Washington, Democratic Congressman Tim Walz says he’s worried that a budget deal won’t be reached and a government shutdown will ensue, the Rochester Post-Bulletin says.

The 1st District congressman told the paper that he thinks some Republicans on the hill may even want to force a shutdown.

“I have to say it appears like they are entrenched, they are digging in and I don’t think it is the responsible thing to do,” he said.

The Republican budget plan, he said, would hurt the economy, particularly a $1.6 billion cut to the National Institutes of Health, which could mean a $11.5 million in research funding for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

“Their proposal will ensure that we stay in recession and there is no growth, and we continue to plug along, and that is why I don’t support that,” Walz said.

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