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Dayton 'willing to look at' Voter ID bill but wants quarterly finance reports

Gov. Mark Dayton said today he'd be willing to look at a Voter ID bill working its way through the Legislature.

That caught the attention of many Capitol watchers because the bill — which would require voters to show identification before voting — has seemed anathema to Dayton and DFLers in the past.

But Dayton said any election reform bill he signs must have provisions for quarterly campaign finance reporting — a more frequent reporting period than now required.

He was interviewed on MPR by Cathy Wurzer.

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Comments (3)

Forget quarterly reporting.

Put Ranked Choice Voting in the deal instead.

Actually, if a voter identification law really treated voting as a right, and really required every eligible voter to have a identification card -that is, required local governments to PROVIDE cards for everyone, and to renew them whenever necessary - it might not be a bad law. In fact, it might even increase voter turnout.

But that would be a big "if." And can you imagine how much money it would cost to do it right? Here's what I can't imagine: Republicans of the Minnesota Legislature voting to fund this law adequately, so as to make voting easier for everyone.

No, Minnesota Republicans want to make it HARDER to vote, by giving more power to voting officials and more responsibility - and maybe even more costs - to voters. Reduced voter turnout is their goal. How could it be more obvious?

It needs to be repeated that there is no credible threat to the integrity of our elections from illegal voters. However, crooked election officials are a real threat. It's not the people who CAST votes who can really change the outcome of an election, even if a few actually do cheat - and there haven't been ever enough cheaters to worry about in the past. No, the people who can really change the outcome of an election are the ones who COUNT the votes. We should never stop watching them.

Photo ID some time hence:
It's voting time at the polls and the woman hands the voting judge her card..."This is you?" says the judge. "Can't recognize you...must be somebody else's card. Come back when you have the correct I.D."

The identity card is proposed as a new necessity to move freely in our society; sponsored by a Republican who generally hate government intervention,

Voting itself essentially, will be limited by a required passport at the voting booth...or should we be grateful it is not a brand on the arm or a chip under the flesh?

Is it to be a 'qualified' democracy now where trust and credibility is aspired-to, in the process... but is the ghost of so many closed societies that previously used it to gain control and separate citizens from each other. Once we start down that road...what next?

I look at Kiffmeyer's face heading an earlier article. She looks now, nothing like an earlier portrait. (Put a straw hat on her head with a price tag dangling and she could almost pass for that dowdy, Grand OL' Opry comic, Minnie Pearl?)

Time does that to us and identity cards will not be a one-shot deal. The human face changes...puffy at times or gaunt; time itself too often the trickster. No one identity will ever reveal who one really is.Tomorrow you may wear another face; another I.D. Count on here's looking at you KIff?