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Craig Westover named state GOP spokesman

Craig Westover has been named communications director for the Minnesota GOP.

In the past, Westover has contributed opinion pieces to the Pioneer Press and was once a MinnPost contributor. And he has been a Minnesota Free Market Institute policy fellow.

But as Rachel Stassen-Berger notes in the Strib, Westover “may be bringing along with him relationships with the Republican crowd that has supported Ron Paul for president, who are often critics of party.”

Westover was hired by Republican Party Chairman Tony Sutton, who said:

“His writing incisively exposes the fallacies and failures of liberal and progressive policies, and he hasn’t been shy about taking on the Republican Party when he’s felt it wandering away from its core values … he personifies the credibility of a Republican Party that is serious about accurately communicating its positions on issues to Minnesotans.”

Westover said in a statement:

“Tony has described politics as a ‘brawl.’ But even in a brawl, the fighter with knowledge of martial arts has the upper hand over brute force. An integrated approach to communications gives the MNGOP the upper hand in winning elections. I am a strong believer in the small ‘r’ republican principles of limited, constitutional government that are the reason for being of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Tony offered me the opportunity to help propagate those principles in the messaging of the party — externally to the general public and internally by integrating communications into the strategic planning of the party. That is an offer I can’t refuse.”

Westover told Stassen-Berger:

“The Republican party is really trying to make an effort to be open and transparent and they are borrowing my credibility and I agreed to give it to them.”

Her story says:

“[Westover] said, unlike many in the party, he supports sex-same marriage, although he also supports the GOP move to get a constitutional amendment to ban the practice get to the ballot. He has also criticized the party for lacking substance in its communications but said he’ll work to change that.

“The way that I see my job right now is that I have to put the Republican Party position in the best possible light but that doesn’t mean that you spin it, it doesn’t mean that you fool people,” Westover said. “When the party comes out with a policy, that’s the policy.”

“It’s going to be a fine line to walk but to be honest with you it’s one of the things I like about the Republican Party because Republicans do debate among themselves,” he said.

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  1. Submitted by Charles Holtman on 05/02/2011 - 06:49 pm.

    Mr Kimball: Thank you for your careful stenography.

  2. Submitted by Nancy Hokkanen on 05/03/2011 - 04:06 pm.

    Thank heavens for Westover; he elevates the dialogue. Run for your dictionaries, people….

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