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Mark Dayton vetoes two abortion bills

Gov. Mark Dayton today vetoed two abortion-related bills.

One would have prohibited state funding of abortions for poor women. In his veto letter, Dayton said:

"All women deserved to be healthy and safe. I will not approve a bill that infringes upon a woman's Constitutionally-protected rights, discriminates against a woman because of her socio-economic status, or does not protect her health and safety."

The other bill would have banned nearly all abortions after 20 weeks. Dayton said:

"Medical research, findings and conclusions are best left to experts who are trained to make medical, not political, decisions, and who are in the best position to protect a woman's health.

"Our place is not between a woman and her doctor. Imposing civil penalties and making it a felony to deliver care that is in the best interest of the patient is unconscionable."

Scott Fischbach, executive director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, told the Star Tribune: “We are very disappointed that Gov. Dayton prevented these mainstream measures from becoming law in our state. These are reasonable provisions, not extreme, and have overwhelming support from Minnesotans and legislators.”

Sarah Stoesz with Planned Parenthood told the paper: “We want all women to be healthy and safe, and we believe that all women should be able to make personal medical decisions, often very difficult ones, without the interference of politicians," Stoesz said.

Sen. Dave Thompson, sponsor of the taxpayer funding bill, said at a press conference that he would not introduce it as a constitutional amendment. Other legislators might take that path, though, bypassing the governing and letting the voters decide, much the same as was done this year with the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

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Comments (4)

Thank you, Gov. Dayton.

I'd like to remind the MCCL that if such an amendment wouldn't pass in South Dakota twice, I'm extremely doubtful it'll pass here. But hey, feel free to pour your money right down the toilet if you wish.

"One would have prohibited state funding of abortions for poor women."

Wouldn't it have stopped *taxpayer funded* abortions? If abortion supporters are so concerned about poor women obtaining abortions, let them set up their own fund to pay for it.

We all would like to live in a perfect world,free of Poor people but we don't. With that being said, i will say what Gov. Dayton has done its called HELPING.
I know a lot of Americans' doesn't buy into that, but we do it all the time. As we are doing now with all the flooding and Americans' being affected. Helping.
Don't be so quick to judge, one day you just may need help.