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Parents of slain gay soldier Andrew Wilfahrt to be on Maddow show tonight

The parents of Andrew Wilfahrt, the  Rosemount solider who was killed in Afghanistan on Feb. 27, will be on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC television program at 8 tonight discussing their son’s life and the weekend’s passage of the marriage amendment by the Minnesota Legislature over the weekend.

Jeff and Lori Wilfahrt have become advocates for gay rights issues since their son, who was gay, was killed in action. Both spoke against the proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution during legislative hearings in recent weeks.

Jeff Wilfahrt said he believes excerpts from the speech Rep. John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove, gave Saturday night, as well as excerpts from comments of Rep. Steve Simon, DFL-St. Louis Park, will be played during the program. Kriesel, who handed out photographs of Andrew Wilfahrt to all members of the Legislature, and Simon both spoke passionately against the amendment. 

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  1. Submitted by greg Gaertner on 05/24/2011 - 12:27 am.

    I am saddened for the incredible loss that the Wilfahrts have experienced. I cannot imagine how painful their loss has been, only to be amplified with the vote to ban gay rights in the state that he died defending. As a child, I was once unsympathetic to the calls for gay rights. As I look back on those years of immaturity and cold disregard toward those whom I misunderstood, I now feel disappointment that I was cruel and uncaring.

    Gay marriage does not have any bearing on my marriage. I cannot ask that others be denied their own opportunity to live a complete life that includes the opportunity to marry whomever they choose. Denying others their full constitutional rights is pathetic and unpatriotic.

    I have changed my attitude toward those gays that I have encountered in recent years. I engage them in conversation, show them the same concerns and respect that I would show others rather than ignore and avoid them. I realize that I was wrong in my earlier behavior and regret the missed opportunities at friendship and assistance that I could have offered and received if I had only had an open mind.

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