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Powers to take on Kline again in 2nd District

Dan Powers plans to try again to unseat Rep. John Kline in the 2nd Congressional District.

Powers tried in 2010, getting the Democratic endorsements in the race. But then he lost in the party primary to former state Rep. Shelley Madore, who was easily beaten by Kline.

It’s a tough district for Democrats and Kline has been easily elected since first winning in 2002.

Powers said in an e-mail over the holiday weekend: “I am not running to make a statement. I am running to make a difference. I am running to win.”

In an open letter to Kline, Powers said the congressman has made things worse in Washington, and cited four specific votes:

 1) voted for a draconian budget proposed by Paul Ryan, that would end Medicare as we know it for those less than 55,

 2) voted to continue a tax break for big oil without regards to the record profits these companies are earning,

 3) voted to borrow 700 billion dollars and increase the deficit to extend tax cuts to the richest Americans while cutting(taking) money away from the poorest and

 4) you voted to repeal health care while retaining your own. knowing that the cost of repealing it would add to the federal deficit.

Concluded Powers in the letter to Kline:

“You represent the worst in politicians. I think these actions show at every level how you do not represent the people of this district. For these reasons and many others I will work hard every day to make sure that this is your last term in office. We need someone that is willing to do the work to find solutions for our Congressional District, Minnesota and the US.”

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