Dayton prefers budget agreement but seems OK with Gearin order

Gov. Mark Dayton’s response to Judge Kathleen Gearin’s decision on allowing some essential state services to continue during a shutdown:

“While I am still reviewing Chief Judge Gearin’s order, it appears that her order arrived at the same middle ground as my Administration, and essentially agreed with my list of critical services that must continue. I prepared that list based on my constitutional responsibility as Governor to protect the lives and safety of the people of Minnesota. I arrived at that list with a heavy heart, knowing full well the important role that government plays in the everyday success of Minnesota’s citizens and businesses.

“Let me be clear: I would much prefer to find a fair and balanced budget solution, rather than a government shutdown. I am continuing to work toward a compromise needed to move forward.”

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  1. Submitted by Lynn Wehrman on 06/29/2011 - 03:36 pm.

    After reading Gearin’s order, I have to commend her and the members of her staff who put this together. It’s an artful example of a conscientious legal ruling which answers the challenging question, “How do you acknowledge painful, very human issues and needs without over-stepping your duty to uphold, but not craft the law?” Well done.

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