DFLers, too, showing up at Capitol — just in case

Throughout the day, DFL legislators have been trickling into their offices just in case a special session would be called as late as tonight — or even on Friday, the first day of a shutdown.

Unlike their Republican counterparts, DFL legislators only have had informal meetings. Republicans have had formal caucus sessions.

The DFLers claim to have no special insight into the status of the negotiations. Mostly, they talk about how Senate Republicans seem to be in lockstep with party orthodoxy and unwilling to budge.

Sen. Dave Tomassoni, a DFL from the Iron Range, seems to reflect the thinking of most of his fellow party members.

“I can’t under why they [Republicans] are so insistent on protecting the richest 2 percent of the people and yet they have no problem taking from the middle class,’’ Tomassoni said.

He rattled off a long list of benefits that public employees would lose under Republican proposals.

“They want to take away jobs, benefits, cut pensions so the richest can buy another bottle of champagne?’’ Tomassoni said.

The big rumor among DFLers was that Republicans would “break the cone of silence’’ with a news conference “at any moment.’’

But the moments kept passing.

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  1. Submitted by Claire Lundgren on 06/30/2011 - 04:50 pm.

    I feel like I’m tied to the railroad tracks with the train bearing down on me while the engineer, brakeman and fireman are playing poker instead of watching where they are going!

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