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Help state employees in stressful times: Bring brownies?

Talk of the state shutdown has been very stressful for state employees, who aren’t sure if they’ll be working Friday, so State Auditor Rebecca Otto is trying to make it easier for her employees.

She wrote on Facebook last night:

“Baking brownies for my staff in the Metro. Going to bring ice cream, peanuts and chocolate sauce to top it off with. If you know a state employee in Minnesota, please thank them for their service to the state. Thanks!”

This morning, Otto told me that it’s unclear whether her employees, in a separate constitutional office, would continue working during the shutdown.

“I have no idea what will happen. Judge Gearin [who’s presiding over the case that will determine essential state services] will rule one way or the other, or the deal could get done in time. I’m holding out hope that it will work out,” she said.

But in the meantime, there will be brownies and ice cream in the auditor’s office kitchen after lunch.

“We need to have a little levity in this difficult situation, and treats are sometimes just the right thing,” Otto said. “I know a bowl of ice cream and a brownie won’t fix things, but I want the staff to know how valued they are.”

And, as befitting an auditor, she noted:

“No taxpayer money was used for this.”

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