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Strib's Kevin Diaz calls Fox's Greta Van Susteren a 'talker,' and gets quick response

In a Star Tribune story last Thursday about Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann — "Palin, Bachmann go from Tea Party allies to testy rivals" — reporter Kevin Diaz in the paper's Washington bureau made a passing reference to Fox News' Greta Van Susteren.

He called her "Fox News talker Greta Van Susteren."

That brought a quick response from Van Susteren, who came to fame as a CNN legal analyst in the O.J. Simpson trial.

On Friday, one day after the Diaz story ran, Van Susteren said in her blog:

"Here is the question: who is Kevin Diaz? is a journalist or a talker?"

She says she's having some fun the with veteran Diaz:

"...with this blog posting I tease Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Kevin Diaz … I hope he has a sense of humor … this is meant to tease him and be light and funny. I hope it reads like it is intended.)"

But you can tell she's a bit rankled.

For context, in the story that includes a look at the comment by Bachmann aide Ed Rollins that Palin is "not serious," Diaz wrote:

A Palin aide has publicly asked for an apology [for the Rollins comment]. Others, including Fox News talker Greta Van Susteren, are calling on Bachmann to dump Rollins — who was hired only this week — before she formally announces her candidacy in Iowa later this month.

"Is this how Representative Bachmann wants to start her campaign ... with a guy ... that makes her look petty?" Van Susteren blogged this week. Van Susteren, whose husband served as a Palin adviser in the 2008 presidential campaign, noted that Palin was helping the Minnesota Republican's U.S. House re-election campaign when she appeared with Bachmann last year at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

In her blog, Van Susteren goes into great lengths to compare her career path and accomplishments to those of Diaz (whom I worked with for many years and can declare that he's a great journalist and a great guy).

Then she concludes:

So after reviewing and comparing our experiences ...

this is what I have concluded: Kevin Diaz, like I am, is a TALKER.

I bet Kevin Diaz thought he was a journalist. [Smiley face.]

(And this is funny…laugh! I am just teasing this guy.)

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Comments (4)

Wow. Thin skin. Kevin, you definitely pushed her buttons. Ignore her.

Yeah, me thinks Greta doth protest too much.

Wow, compelling. Minnpost clearly after CJ readers with this weighty item.

Hey, that's an idea. Maybe CJ should pick up on this one. Van Susteren won't know what hit her. CJ, are you out there?