Gov. Dayton declines GOP request to join his road trip

When Gov. Mark Dayton announced Monday that he’s going to travel around the state to spread his message about the need for compromise in the budget battle  — starting with a stop in St. Cloud today — the first reaction from Republican legislative leaders was a collective head shake.

Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch said in a press conference that before he gets in the car to head to St. Cloud, he should call the Legislature back into session to pass at least some of the budget bills and get much of the state workforce back on the job.

But today, Koch and House Speaker Kurt Zellers had another idea: They want to join Dayton on his PR tour.

Senate Republicans sent this email today on the matter:

This morning at 8:15 AM, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch called Governor Mark Dayton and asked if she and Speaker Zellers may accompany him during his visit to St. Cloud today and additional stops across Minnesota over the coming days.

The call was prompted by Majority Leader Koch and Speaker Zellers’ desire to keep lines of communication open in the ongoing effort to find a solution to end the 12-day government shut down forced by Gov. Dayton.

Majority Leader Koch also informed Gov. Dayton of her and Speaker Zellers’ willingness to participate in any and all upcoming visits that Gov. Dayton is planning to make around the state in the next few days and even travel with him directly to meet on the budget between visits.

Unfortunately, Gov. Dayton contacted Majority Leader Koch in the last 30 minutes and denied her request.

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Paul Scott on 07/12/2011 - 11:39 am.


    Kind of looks like a needy ex girlfriend with poor boundaries. Can I come on your dates with you?

  2. Submitted by will lynott on 07/12/2011 - 12:32 pm.

    I laughed until the tears came when I saw this one. Talk about desperation—Right on, Gov!

  3. Submitted by Kristin Neises on 07/12/2011 - 12:46 pm.

    That’s great – another way to spin it, I guess. More likely they wanted to join the Governor and argue their own point of view. Why can’t they just say it that way, instead of spinning it as they wanted to keep up the talks? I hate political spin!!! Beginning to really, really hate all politics, too!

  4. Submitted by Eric Larson on 07/12/2011 - 05:10 pm.

    What they are doing is taking the Saintly Halo off the Gov. Slowly but surely people are finding a few things out. 1. He’s rich, finances his own campaigns negative campaign and pays little in taxes (South Dakota). 2. He had the taxpayer paying for his chef. 3. He’s erratic. 4. He plays politics in the name of the people.
    5. State employees unions were the earliest and largest govt union to support him. Now he’s screwing them. Soon as enough people unplug from MPR-STRIB-MINNPOST mindset. The DFL will fold. Then the folding chairs in front of the capitol will be set up for those DFL’ers willing to overide a Gov’s Veto.

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