Gov. Dayton says GOP should submit budget proposal, not join him on trips

The battle of words continues in the state budget battle:

This morning, Republican legislators offered to go along with Gov. Mark Dayton on his scheduled visits to several cities to bring his message to state voters, and then the GOP acted surprised when the governor declined their offer.

Now Dayton’s office responds with this statement to the press:

“As usual, the Republican press operation is not telling the entire story. When Governor Dayton returned Majority Leader Koch’s call this morning at 8:40 am, he said that he would prefer she and Speaker Zellers spent their time completing a counter-proposal, which he said he would be glad to discuss with them at any time. He specifically said that he would be available to meet with them this afternoon in St. Paul, after he returns from St. Cloud.

“The Governor had hoped to engage in a public discussion of the budget on what’s at stake for Minnesotans this week with Speaker Zellers and Majority Leader Koch, hosted by MPR, but our understanding is the leaders are not available.”

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  1. Submitted by will lynott on 07/12/2011 - 07:55 pm.

    The same jerkweeds who booed and hissed when he spoke on the eve of the shutdown. Why would they think they’d be welcome on his speaking tour? Are they really this dense?

    Good on ya, Gov. The right response, as always.

    I, too, look forward to their belated counter. It will be unacceptable, of course.

    BTW, have they ever invited our Governor on any of their whistle stop tours?

    Didn’t think so. They’re giving hypocrites a bad name.

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