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Groups want access to public lakes closed during shutdown to prevent spread of invasive species

Because conservations officers can’t adequately monitor state lakes to stop the spread of invasive specials during the state shutdown, some groups want Gov. Mark Dayton to close down access to some lakes, much like state parks are closed.

WDAY-TV in Fargo says three Minnesota lakes groups want public access closed on 360 infested lakes, to stop the spread zebra mussels and flowering rush.

Several of the groups have sent a letter to the governor, calling for closing.

Terry Kalil a spokeswoman from COLA or Coalition of Lake Associations, said lakes are receiving minimal attention from conservation officers during the shutdown. And less inspections only promotes invasive growth, the story says.

Without monitoring, closing the lakes during the shutdown is the only option, Kalli said: “It’s the only way that we know of to safeguard our lakes. And we’re not trying to keep the public out. We just don’t want to see boats moving from infested waters.”

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