Shutdown quiets talk of new Vikings stadium

Early in the week, the rumors of a Vikings stadium deal were flying at the Capitol: The overall cost was down, the Vikes were paying more, funding for new roads had magically appeared.

But nothing firm developed, and now, with the state shutdown a reality, there’s not likely to be much said publicly for a while about a taxpayer-subsidized entertainment venue.

Notes the Pioneer Press:

Leaders involved in negotiations over how to finance the $1.1 billion stadium project did their best to keep their heads down Wednesday as it became clear that statewide budget negotiations were to remain at an impasse for at least another day. An afternoon meeting of principals from the state, the team and Ramsey County was canceled, some involved suspected, because the media got wind of it.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, because it might appear unbecoming for elected officials to be trumpeting progress on a massive taxpayer subsidy of a pro sports franchise the day before vacationers are evicted from state campgrounds and two days before the bulk of the entire state shuts down and lays off most of its workforce.

 But it’s likely that when the Legislature does eventually go into overtime, there’ll be a Vikings deal somewhere in the playbook.

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