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Dayton supports vote on stadium tax but Ramsey County says public vote could kill the deal


Gov. Mark Dayton says he supports letting Ramsey County residents vote on whether they want to pay an extra sales tax to help fund a new Vikings stadium in Arden Hills, reports MPR.

But county officials, who’ve been working with the team for months to get a stadium proposal, say letting residents have a voice likely would kill the deal.

The governor was asked about the stadium while at the fair Monday:

Dayton told fairgoers that he thinks there are a lot of unanswered questions about Arden Hills, and that even though Hennepin County built Target Field without a referendum, he said a countywide vote now might be appropriate.

“It’s Ramsey County’s issue, but I’d be supportive of it,” he said. “In a case like this, people should have their own voice. We should do it somewhat expeditiously, like this November, so we can get it decided one way or another because the clock is ticking.”

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MPR heard from Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett, who said a referendum on the tax could kill the deal:

“I don’t think you could get a library passed on a referendum. Never mind an ice arena or a playground, if it were the only issue on the ballot. No matter what we put on a ballot today that costs money, I don’t think anybody would look at it.”