Yes, Virginia, there are Republicans at Macalester

The report that the new Princeton Review rankings list St. Paul’s Macalester College as the most liberal college in the nation brought this response from the Minnesota College Republicans group:

“Even though liberalism consumes the campus, the MacGOP stands strong,” said Ryan Lyk, Chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans. “We are determined to continue growing the chapter and fighting back against liberal bias on campus.”

Daniel Surman is co-chairman of the Macalester College Republicans.

“We are a minority on campus, but we make our presence known,” Surman said. “Every day MacGOP continues to fight for the students of Macalester College. We seek to broaden the debate on the issues facing our nation, from the budget crisis in DC, to the crushing debt we face as college students. We have solutions that need to be heard, and our group will work tirelessly to turn this campus red in 2012.”

Nice. They’ve got conservative values and a sense of humor.

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  1. Submitted by Dennis Tester on 08/22/2011 - 06:41 am.

    Like most college campi, Macalester was conservative until the late sixties. The change came when those who had sought shelter from military service by becoming long-term students began getting hired to fill faculty positions.

    As the nation’s faculties became infested with tenured lefties, and while conservatives preferred to move on to earn an honest living in the real world, academia became an impenetrable bastian of leftist thought, spewing their nonsense to unsuspecting skulls full of mush to the extent that recent studies show that it requires ten years on average to overcome the effects of the administered brainwashing.

    Good luck, fellows.

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