Activist Nick Espinosa’s ‘glitter bomb’ invention shows up on ‘Glee’

Local activist Nick Espinosa is credited with inventing the “glitter bomb,” the dumping of glitter on someone to protest their stand against gay marriage. And now the phenomenon is about to rain down on a larger audience, with an appearance on tonight’s season premiere of  “Glee” (7 p.m., KMSP).

Espinosa unleashed the first glitter bomb on Newt Gingrich at a book signing here in May. Since then, it’s become a protest of choice against those promoting anti-gay marriage efforts. It’s been mentioned in the New York Times and even showed up at the Minnesota State Fair.

(The Sue Sylvester character in Glee who gets glitter bombed is played by Jane Lynch, who is, in real life, a married lesbian.)

Espinosa told City Pages:

“I think it’s pretty fantastic. It’s sort of a new level of pop-culture recognition. The New York Times was cool, but ‘Glee’ is huge and it’s a culturally significant place for glitter-bombs to appear.”

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