How about some suggestions for menu ‘additions’ at the Dayton Bros. restaurant?

While chatting with Stan Turner Saturday on his weekly KLLB-AM 1220 radio show, we had some thoughts — and even some menu suggestions — about the new restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, The Bachelor Farmer, run by Gov. Mark Dayton’s two sons, Eric and Andrew.

It features Nordic cuisine, but not lutefisk, and grows its own produce in a roof-top garden. It’s not meant to be a political place, but with such a pedigree, it’s hard not to imagine some potential menu items along these lines:

  • They’re big on coffee; don’t even try to hold a tea party there.
  • A shutdown special? Order now and three weeks later it’s ready. But not really what you ordered.
  • Do they serve Koch drinks?
  • They’re experimenting with a Bachmann souffle, but lately it’s been falling.
  • The TPAW Burger has been dropped from the menu.
  • Order the Emmer puff pastry and pay with pennies.
  • No bus staff; they’re transit employees.
  • Don’t pull out a calculator when you get the bill; they don’t like recounts.

It shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with some better ideas; feel free to add them in the comments.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 09/13/2011 - 09:08 am.

    Why would anyone order the Emmer, when *everyone* knows the Dayton pastry is especially flakey?

    Will there be Kombucha?

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