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Ramsey County archers will cull deer herd in 8 parks

Too many deer in and around Ramsey County parks mean archers contracted by the county will hunt deer in parks around the county.

Deer numbers in the county, where there are few “predators” but automobiles, are too high to support a healthy herd, officials said. Parts of the parks will be closed during the hunt for safety reasons. Archers already have been selected.

Archers will hunt for three days in each park, then come back for another three-day hunt a few weeks later.

The schedule:

  • Vadnais Lake, Vadnais Heights, Oct. 24-26, Nov. 14-16
  • Battle Creek, Maplewood and St. Paul, Oct. 17-19, Nov. 7-9
  • Fish Creek, Maplewood and St. Paul, Oct. 14 -16, Nov. 4-6
  • Snail/Grass Lake ,Shoreview, Oct. 14-16, Nov. 4-6
  • Otter Lake, White Bear Township, Oct. 7-9, 28-30, Nov. 11-13
  • Poplar Lake, White Bear Township and Shoreview, Oct 7-9, 28-30, Nov. 11–13
  • Bald Eagle, White Bear Township, Oct 7-9, 28-30, Nov. 11-13
  • Turtle Creek, Shoreview, Dec 2-4, Dec 16-18.

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