Slowed by shutdown, MnDOT working to catch up on roadside mowing

Most Minnesotans take “neat” seriously.

So what’s the deal with the high weeds along some of the state’s highways and byways? Budget woes? New Department of Transportation policy?

As it turns out, you may see more high weeds and grasses along some roadsides, but it’s because the state got three weeks behind on mowing during the state government shutdown. The mowers are catching up as fast as they can.

“Highest priority are areas where visibility is an issue,’’ said Kevin Gutknecht, the department’s spokesman. “They’re mowing first where safety is an issue.’’

There are reasons, beyond neatness, sightlines and safety for mowing, Gutknecht said. In Minnesota, we’re always preparing for the snow season.

“Snow lies better’’ in ditches and medians that have been mowed, Gutknecht explained. When the snow “lies better,’’ there’s less chance of blowing and drifting. 

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