Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets weekly radio spot

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, whose harsh budget moves alienated unions, caused a showdown at the state Capitol and led to recall votes around the state, is getting a weekly radio presence, starting today.

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association is distributing a brief radio address from the governor once a week to member stations. It also will be available on the governor’s website. This week’s talk, timed for back to school, hypes his educational reforms:

Much attention has been given to the reforms we put in place to help school leaders balance their budgets while protecting teaching jobs and improving the quality of education. These are positive reforms for our state.

 Other reforms are equally as important, but have not yet received as much attention. These reforms include greater school accountability and higher reading performance.

… We are giving our schools the tools that they need to succeed. We hear from education leaders all across Wisconsin that the reforms are working. They can hire staff based on merit; pay employees based on performance and (ultimately) put the best and the brightest in the classroom.

Many school leaders are thrilled that they can finally push the kind of reforms they only dreamed of before this year.

 Once upon a time, Minnesota’s governor had a weekly show. Alas, no more.

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