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DFL adds two political veterans to party staff

With huge elections a little more than a year away, the DFL announced this morning that two political veterans have been added to its staff.

Corey Day, who was director of Obama for America in Florida and, before that, headed the Kerry for President campaign in Minnesota (2004), has been named executive director of the state’s party apparatus.

Mona Langston — a Dean for America field working, a campaign coordinator for the Service Employees International Union and, most recently, head of the Housing Preservation Project in the Twin Cities — has been named the party’s outreach director.

DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin cited the grass-roots and community-organizing skills of both new staffers.

The staff additions come at a time when both of Minnesota’s political parties have bottom lines written in red ink.

According to Federal Election Commission reports, the DFL was $291,000 in debt at the end of June, with the GOP $600,000 in debt.

Political parties long have maintained that running in the red is not unusual in non-election years.

Both parties, of course, are attempting to gear up for the 2012 elections while solving their own economic problems.

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