Ron Rosenbaum is new voice of Racino Now efforts

Attorney and radio personality Ron Rosenbaum  is now the major spokesman for Canterbury Park’s efforts to somehow get a racino bill through the Legislature.

That role had been colorfully filled by former state Sen. Dick Day, who abruptly left the Senate in January 2010 to lead Racino Now, the major lobbying effort for passing a bill that would allow the state’s two horse-racing tracks to add slot machines.

Day just as abruptly left Racino Now earlier this month, using the old “pursue other opportunities’’ line as the reason for leaving. In this case, the “other opportunities’’ were forming a lobbying outfit, Day & Associates.

“It’s time to take on new issues and new challenges in St. Paul,’’ Day said at the time.

Rosenbaum made it clear that although he will be the spokesman for the group, he will not be a registered lobbyist on the issue at the Capitol. He also said it’s not certain just what role racinos might play if Gov. Mark Dayton calls a special session surrounding a Vikings stadium.

Advocates for racinos have claimed that they could generate $250 million per biennium for the state. They also note that racino would “save’’ the state’s horse-racing industry by allowing Canterbury Park to offer purses large enough to compete with other tracks across the county. Advocate also say that benefits of racinos would be felt across rural Minnesota.

Polls consistently have shown public support for racinos, but that support always has stopped at the doors of the legislative chambers. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Jack Shepard on 10/30/2011 - 06:02 am.

    I am for it anything that would help rural Minnesotans in these hard times must be done. We have to do everything possible to stimulate business and job in Minnesota. And if racinos claims that they could generate $250 million per biennium for the state can be proven why this issue is not on fast forward. We have to cut through all this red tape and move things along to help as many people as possible and raise fund for the State of Minnesota! People are hurting and everything involved with creating new business and new legislation is just not moving! Why I ask my fellow Minnesotans?
    A change is good for Minnesota- why should all the private casinos who pay no taxes be given all the advantages.
    Jack “Doc” Shepard

  2. Submitted by Madeline Anderson on 11/01/2011 - 09:39 pm.

    Fantastic. Rosenbaum will turn even more people off on the racino idea.

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