State Senate Republicans seem leery of Dayton’s stadium talks

Gov. Mark Dayton’s attempt to get the Vikings stadium discussion rolling this week don’t seem to be playing well with state Senate Republicans, according to this statement from Michael Brodkorb, communications director for the state Senate Republican caucus:

Last week, Governor Mark Dayton declared this week “Vikings Week” and scheduled a meeting for today with leadership of the Minnesota Legislature to discuss a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

From the perspective of GOP leadership in the Minnesota Senate, please note the following:

 * This meeting was called by Gov. Dayton and represents the first meeting between Senate Leadership and Gov. Dayton about a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

* Gov. Dayton has yet to articulate his preference on a site location for a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings.

* No agreement has been made with Senate Leadership on the size of the state’s financial contribution to a stadium, or if the state will even contribute to the construction costs of a new stadium.

* There has been no discussion between Senate Leadership and Gov. Dayton on the need or timing for a special legislative session to focus on a new Vikings stadium.

* Finally, While Republicans control the Minnesota Senate, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (R-Buffalo) has communicated publicly that Gov. Dayton will need to lobby DFL members of the Senate directly and encourage DFL votes for any final stadium deal. Unlike the budget agreement that ended Gov. Dayton’s shutdown of state government, any legislative deal (should one develop) on a Vikings stadium will need to be bi-partisan and Gov. Dayton will need to produce DFL votes.

Michael B. Brodkorb

Communications Director

Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by James Hamilton on 10/17/2011 - 02:34 pm.

    Couldn’t he simply have said, “We aren’t doing this on our own and letting DFL candidates use it to beat us on our heads.”

  2. Submitted by David Greene on 10/17/2011 - 04:04 pm.

    There’s nothing to this, really. The DFL said the same thing before the Target Field vote. It’s simply both sides seeking political cover. This doesn’t indicate hesitancy at all. In fact, it’s a sign that Republicans want to embrace the deal.

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