City of Foley won’t use security guards for police protection, after all

Trying to save money with a strapped city budget, the city of Foley had come up with a plan to replace its regular police protection with security guards. The plan would have saved more than $8,000 a month.

But concerns about the wisdom of the plan, including an inquiry from the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, caused the city council to reconsider, says the St. Cloud Times. And the city voted this week to go back to the Benton County Sheriff’s office — which had been providing the police service in the past — and ask for a new contract.

They’re proposing to pay the county a little less, and asking that the sheriff’s office provide a regular team of five deputies to handle the patrolling, so there’s consistency for residents.

Benton County commissioners now have to decide whether to approve the pact.

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  1. Submitted by Kyle Hoehne on 11/17/2011 - 11:56 pm.

    First of all let me say the City of Foley has fallen into a foolish trap and is now paying the price. County Sheriffs have been giving low bids to get cities to contract with them, when the contract runs out they raise the contract to whatever they want to subsidise their budget. The money made by the sheriff is not turned into services for the city, county or programs that will benefit either or both. Instead they are used to pay higher wages and promote their own programs for officers. As a chief of police I know the city of Foley has dropped the ball a full service Police department can be run for the amount of money they proposed and give them more control over where the money is spent.

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