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Emily’s List supports Tarryl Clark again

Emily’s List, the national group that works to help elect Democratic women to political office, has endorsed Tarryl Clark in her bid for her party’s endorsement to run for Congress against Chip Cravaack in what is now the 8th District.

Clark is one of several Democrats lining up to challenge Cravaack, who upset longtime Democrat Jim Oberstar iin 2010.

Emily’s List supported Clark in 2010, too, when she lost in the 6th District to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

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  1. Submitted by Shelly Mategko on 12/16/2011 - 09:43 am.

    This endorsement is hardly a surprise since she is the only woman in the race. The real story is why she has so little support in the 8th. One reason is that she refuses to give straight forward answers to those of us who live here. For example, why won’t she tell us where she lives and why she didn’t vote in the Duluth primary election? She clearly stated she and her husband purchased a condo in Duluth last May, yet there is no record of them owning any property in St Louis County and voting records show she was still registered to vote in St Cloud. These questions have been around for months and were in fact asked of her campaign manager at the last 8th congressional district DFL meeting. Sadly, we still don’t have any answers Clark’s refusal to address an issue that is obviously important to the people of the 8th is puzzling and raises the possibility of something even more troubling: She was not telling the truth when she said she purchased a condo in Duluth. Even if one doesn’t care about the residency issue, one should certainly be concerned about a congressional candidate who would lie about such a simple thing, to say nothing of the level of disrespect it shows to the citizens of the 8th. And if you think for one minute the republicans don’t know about this (and heaven only knows what else there is) you are sadly mistaken. Best we get this out in the open and resolved sooner rather than later. So, once again, please Tarryl Clark, either show the record is incorrect or offer a credible explanation and put this issue to rest once and for all. It is interesting that every time I have raised these concerns, the response from Tarryl Clark’s supporters (and staffers) is always to attack me personally, but they never address the questions asked. They never provide an address or explain why she did not vote after urging others to do so. Attack me again if you will, but the voters of the district deserve an answer.

  2. Submitted by John Jordan on 12/16/2011 - 12:48 pm.

    Liberal group supports carpet-bagging liberal candidate. Talk about a dog bits mail man (oh sorry, “postal carrier”) story.

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