Recovery Act weatherized 18,000 Minnesota homes

More than 18,000 low-income Minnesota homes have been weatherized with funds from the Recovery Act, Gov. Mark Dayton and U.S. Energy Steven Chu said today in a conference call.

And there’s still some money to weatherize more homes in the next few months, they said. They’ve done better than planned: Minnesota’s original goal was to weatherize 17,500 with the money.

Nationwide, 600,000 low-income homes already have been weatherized in the program. The program has two goals: save money on energy bills and create jobs for carpenters, electricians, and others.

Said Dayton in a statement:

“DOE’s weatherization program has been extremely important to Minnesota as a cold weather state. In a normal year, our weatherization program would weatherize about 3,000 homes in Minnesota, but thanks to Secretary Chu and President Obama and this initiative of DOE, we have already weatherized over 18,000 homes using $124 million in the stimulus funding from the DOE. This has been a tremendously important and valuable program that has supported jobs in Minnesota, and has helped Minnesota families see real savings in their energy costs, and we are grateful for the DOE’s efforts.”

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