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Dayton approval rating rises to 53%, far outdistancing legislators of both parties

Despite his push for a stadium most Minnesotans say they don’t want to pay for, Gov. Mark Dayton is one of the nation’s most popular governors, according to a new poll by Public Policy Polling.

Dayton’s leadership is approved by 53 percent of the state’s voters, up 6 points from a poll by the same firm in May. That number makes Dayton the nation’s eighth-most-popular govenor among the 40 governors tested by Public Policy Polling. The same poll shows 34 percent of voters disapproving of Dayton’s work.

Dayton’s support comes despite the same poll finding that 59 percent of voters oppose the public paying any portion of a stadium; just 33 percent support a public subsidy.

But the public is fickle on this matter, which explains why it’s so hard for pols to deal with. If a public subsidy is the only way to keep the Vikings in Minnesota, then 46 percent say they’d support public money while 39 percent say the team should just move.

Dayton’s numbers stand in stark contrast to the status of the GOP legislative majorities. According to the polling data, generic Republicans running against generic DFLers would lose by a 48-39 margin.

Republican legislators are viewed favorably by only 23 percent of Minnesota voters. DFLers look good only by comparison. They are seen as favorable by just 31 percent.

The poll shows that the amendment banning gay marriage is going to be as close as it is passionate. At this point, 48 percent support the amendment, 44 percent are opposed.

The demographics of November’s turnout will matter hugely in deciding the fate of the amendment. Voters under 65 oppose the amendment, while people older than 65 support it by a 58-32 margin.

A confusing stat in the marriage issue is that 71 percent of Minnesota voters say they support either gay marriage or civil unions.

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