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Two Minnesota conservative policy groups merge

The Center of the American Experiment and the Minnesota Free Market Institute will merge into one organization. It will be called the Center for the American Experiment.

Leaders of the two groups — Center of the American Experiment Chairman Chuck Spevacek and President Mitch Pearlstein, and Minnesota Free Market Institute Chairman Tom Kelly and President Kim Crockett — made the announcement.

Pearlstein, who founded CAE in 1990, will be president of the combined organization. Crockett will serve as executive vice president, chief operating officer and general counsel.

Pearlstein said talks about merging began in early 2011:

"One of the primary [reasons] was ensuring the financial strength of our organizations in an increasingly crowded marketplace. I'm exceedingly pleased with our new institution as it will expand and strengthen our capacity to work with policymakers in transforming our ideas and innovations into effective results. I also assure that Center of the American Experiment will remain the intellectually serious, provocative, and civil institution it has been for more than two decades."

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Comments (1)

"...intellectually serious, provocative and civil institution" and no doubt a reliable rightist analysis group for the Koch Brothers' American Legislative Exchange Council as well.