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Minnesota ACLU offers reward for turning in 'rascals' who voted illegally

Minnesota's ACLU chapter, which is fighting the proposed state constitutional amendment that would require voters to show ID before voting, announced a new campaign today opposing the effort.

The group is offering $1,000 to anyone who can prove a case where someone in the state has been charged or convicted of impersonating a voter.

To publicize the effort, the group is using an old-fashioned "Wanted" poster (PDF):

$1,000 Reward offered for any no good lyin' cheatin' vote stealin' rascal who would have been caught if the currently proposed Voter ID Amendment had already been enacted by the state of Minnesota.

The group said it's lawyers can't find a case in the past 10 years, therefore, the voter ID change is not needed.

Charles Samuelson, the state's ACLU executive director, said: "If you can't find a crime, why change the law?" 

The ACLU has previously decried efforts by state Republican legislative leaders to require identification by voters, saying voting is a right, not a privilege, protected by the state and federal constitutions. And the ACLU says that the change is unnecessary because, even in the tight scrutiny of Minnesota's two recent recounts, there were no convictions for voter impersonation fraud, which the voter ID change would address.

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