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Coalition fighting marriage amendment gets 200th partner

Minnesotans United for All Families, the group working to defeat the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage, says it now has 200 organizations under its umbrella.

Edina Community Lutheran Church became No. 200, the group said.

Erik Strand, pastor at Edina Community Lutheran Church, said in a statement:

"We are a congregation supporting families of every kind, and oppose the harmful effects this amendment would have upon some of our members and neighbors."

A statewide vote on the constitutional amendment, which would require marriage in the state to be between one man and one woman, will be held in the November general election.

The coalition says it now has 40 religious organizations signed on to defeat the amendment. There are also nonprofits, labor organizations, businesses and various DFL groups among the 200.

Leah Solo, chair of the group's coalitions committee, said:

"The growing opposition to this hurtful amendment reinforces what Minnesotans already know to be true: marriage is about love and commitment. This amendment would harm their friends, family and neighbors for generations to come, and it’s simply not the Minnesotan thing to do."

Many groups are also working to pass the amendment, including the Minnesotans for Marriage coalition, which also boasts a long list of religious organizations in its fold.

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Comments (1)

A unique opportunity

This issue presents the GOP with a unique opportunity to reach out and connect with constituencies that usually vote democrat.

Majorities of Somalis, Mexicans and other Latin Americans, Black Americans, and others are solidly behind the marriage amendment as well as many other conservative social issues. Given these starting points, I know that a valuable dialogue can be had which will open other areas of agreement that no one may realize exist. I plan to push for greater outreach at tomorrows GOP district caucus of which I am a delegate.