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Group plans 'We Are Women March' to protest 'draconian laws'

A group is organizing on Facebook to plan a We Are Women March at the Minnesota Capitol and in other states on April 28 to protest what they call the "war on women's rights."

The organizers are seeking volunteers with experience in planning public events and spreading the word about the event:

The initial idea is to create one day for a million women march against the war on women. These events would be held at the capitols in each state.

Says the Facebook page:

We are all aware of the draconian laws being introduced and often passed in many GOP run states. Now this war on women has reached our Congress. We represent the majority in this Country and need to make our voices heard.

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Comments (3)

The real war on women

is taking place at the gas pump and in the grocery stores where Obama's ignorance of how the economy works is costing the people hundreds of dollars every month. But at least single women will get their free condoms.

Grrr, speaking as a woman

Speaking as an actual female, I can tell you that among women I know the battle we are most concerned about is defending control over our own bodies. Gas and groceries aren't even in the same universe as personal liberty. What an insult that you would suggest it. The assault on our freedoms is a topic every time I am in conversation with other women these days--liberal and conservative. Every time.

And men had damn well better start talking publically about their own personal responsibility for a change--and I mean pronto. Fawgawdssakes, you'd think men weren't even present in the room when women were using birth control or becoming pregnant. If men spent half the energy holding each other accountable as they do bossing around women, this would begin to seem like an adult conversation.

The GOP increasingly sounds like the party of "We the Peephole."

The only ignorance being displayed

is from people who think the president controls the price of gasoline. I thought free market types understood that?