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Civil War stamps unveiled Monday at Godfrey House in Minneapolis

civil war forever stamps

Courtesy of the US Postal Service

Two new Civil War stamps are to be unveiled Monday.

Two  Civil War stamps will be unveiled by the Postal Service Monday in Minneapolis. The stamps are part of the sesquicentennial stamp series begun last year.

The two stamps commemorate the Battle of New Orleans and the Battle of Antietam. They are "forever" stamps, sold in sheets of 12 for $5.40.

The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis is organizing the unveiling event, and representatives from the Minnesota Civil War Task Force are expected.

It's at 12:30 p.m., at the Ard Godfrey House, 28 University Ave. S.E., Minneapolis, in the St. Anthony Falls Milling District. Godfrey was the first  postmaster in 1851, in what was then known as the Village of St. Anthony.

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