GOP state Sen. Claire Robling won’t run again

After 16 years in the Legislature, Republican state Sen. Claire Robling of Jordan is calling it quits.

“I’ve been contemplating this decision for the last year, and with the upcoming endorsing convention, I’ve decided not to move forward with a re-election bid,” Robling said this morning in a statement.

She said she did not believe she’d have a serious challenge in the upcoming election.

Her district had been contracted geographically by redistricting, because of population growth in Scott County.

“When I first saw the new district, I was excited because I’ve really enjoyed representing the people in these communities,” she said. “It’s been an honor to serve this area, and I’ve always worked hard to represent my constituents in St. Paul,but sixteen years in this position is long enough. I find my enthusiasm for doing this job for another four years is waning. I think it’s time to let someone else step into this spot.”

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  1. Submitted by Claire Lundgren on 04/13/2012 - 03:36 pm.

    Robling’s retirement is our loss

    I am saddened to see Senator Robling has decided to retire from politics. She is a great champion of practical sense and fairness. However, having attended one of the hearings that she presided over in the past month, I can understand her decision. Hearings have become a joke, with the special interest lobbyists having more influence than common sense and polite manners and respect for senior members having flown out the window. It is no wonder this legislature is getting nothing done and it is of great concern that the will of the voters is being ignored, according to most of the polls. The legislators seem to be so afraid of the voters’ ability to vote for what they want, they are even challenging the referendums they voted to put on the ballot. Will someone stop the insanity and get some work done?

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