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Facebook page to save the zoo’s dolphins set up by GOP operative Andy Parrish

While the liberals are still trying to Save the Whales, an effort to Save the Dolphins at the Minnesota Zoo has been started by Republican operative Andy Parrish, who was once Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s chief of staff.

Parrish has a Facebook page, “Save the Dolphins,” and he says on it:

My Kids love the Dolphins and the Legislature gave them money to keep them. Call them today and tell them to keep the Dolphins 952.431.9200 you can also email them at

The newly passed bonding bill included $4 million for the zoo to fix up the dolphin tank, but three days after Gov. Mark Dayton signed the bill, the zoo announced the dolphins are leaving for good. (The zoo has had some trouble with dolphin mortality: five have died since 2006, and a calf was stillborn.)

The dolphin exhibit, nonetheless, had been a popular attraction at the zoo and some legislators who pushed for the dolphin tank money were disappointed.

House Capital Investment Committee Chairman Larry Howes told the Star Tribune

“People go there with their kids because of the dolphins. We gave them the money to repair those tanks, and they are not going to keep the dolphins? I think in some way that could be looked at as very, very deceiving.”

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  1. Submitted by David Koski on 05/17/2012 - 09:49 am.


    Maybe the zoo was being honest and was letting the state know that they won’t be needing the money for the dolphins. Or is it being implied that they knew that money was being allocated for the dolphins and they knew all along that they would be closing that down and they took the money anyway?

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