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Kurt Bills files to run for U.S. Senate, says he’d drastically cut foreign aid

Freshman state Rep. Kurt Bills, a teacher at Rosemount High School, filed Tuesday to run as the Republican-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate in November.

He’s challenging incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar, who’s seeking a second six-year term.

After filing the election paperwork, Bills told reporters that, if elected, his goal would be to work toward eventually eliminating the nation’s foreign aid budget, as advocated by Ron Paul.

But he said for now, he supports a drastic cut in foreign aid, with a $5 billion cap. The federal fiscal 2012 budget calls for $42.1 billion in regular funding for the State Department and foreign aid.

Bills won the GOP endorsement for the race, with the help of Paul’s endorsement.

Bills also said he wants means testing for farm subsidies and Social Security payments and called for a cut in funding for the Drug Enforcement Agency, although he said he doesn’t want to legalize drugs.

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