Republicans start Facebook page on ‘How to Unendorse Stadium Supporters’

The rift in the state Republican Party over the stadium vote last week has emerged as — appropriately enough in this digital age — a Facebook page.

There were 305 members of the “How to Unendorse Stadium Supporters” page as of this morning.

Its description:

Publicly funding a billionaire’s private company is a violation of the fundamental principles of the GOP. This group provides support for grassroots activists who wish to strip endorsement from Republican legislators who voted to pass public funding.

In the House, 33 Republicans voted for the bill that will provide public subsidies for a new $975 million football stadium in downtown Minneapolis. In the Senate, 15 Republicans voted yes.

The stadium was a major legislative priority for DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, and now he and DFLers are taking credit for getting the measure passed, because more DFLers voted for it than Republicans in both the House and Senate.

And after getting enough GOP support to pass the bill, Dayton then vetoed the Republican tax bill, which was one of the GOP’s major priorities.

On the Facebook page, suggestions from Richard Walch include finding like-minded delegates, find a challenger, and:

Contact your BPOU exec committee

The decision to call a BPOU Convention to reconsider an endorsement comes from your district’s Executive Committee.

Reach out to like-minded members of your exec comm and explain your intentions. You should have a list of other delegates who agree and a challenger to take the endorsement. Your supporters on the exec comm will need to move that a Convention be called.

Find out when the next exec comm meeting is and invite the other delegates, too (to attend as guests). This will illustrate the grassroots support you have in the district.

Be polite and respectful — offer to speak in favor of calling a Convention.

A supportive post on the page from Joe Forkeybolo says:
I agree with the concept here. If a republican wants to vote for a billion dollar playground that will be used ten times a year, then let’s make sure that they are held accountable. I’d rather have a democrat who i know is going to screw me in office for a short time rather than a republican who no longer adheres to party principles nor fears the electorate there for the long term. Mary Kiffmeyer was right. If you want to vote like a democrat, then be a democrat.
But not everyone agrees. Wrote Craig Westover:
No one is more angered and disappointed in Republicans who supported the stadium bill than I am, but this purge movement is ill-advised. There is a difference between being mistaken and being incorrigible. I think those who voted for the Vikings stadium owe us an explanation of what conservative principles they believe justify their decisions, and they deserve that opportunity before we proceed with beheading. We should continue to hold our elected officials accountable, but we should also support them by forcing them to define for us, and often for themselves, what principles they are operating on.

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  1. Submitted by Logan Foreman on 05/15/2012 - 10:50 pm.

    Republicans always

    Vote to publicly fund rich people and corporations through tax policies. Laughable hypocrites.

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