Duluth comes out ahead in poll of Minnesota’s biggest cities

The PPP poll that came our Friday showing Sen. Amy Klobuchar far ahead of her rivals and Sen. Al Franken with some impressive numbers, also asked about Minnesota’s cities.

Public Policy Polling asked respondents whether they have favorable or unfavorable opinions of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and Duluth.

Duluth polled the best, with 75 percent favorable versus 66 percent for St. Paul, 60 percent for Rochester and 59 percent for Minneapolis.

Rochester had the least “unfavorable” numbers, with just 4 percent. Duluth had 5 percent unfavorable; St. Paul 12 percent and Minneapolis 20 percent.

Lots of people weren’t sure.

Pollsters also asked: “Which city do you like better: Minneapolis or St.


  • Minneapolis…… . 40 percent
  • St. Paul …………… 26 percent
  • Not sure …………. 33 percent

Straying a bit from the political realm, the poll also found that 65 percent said they were Twins fans, and of those fans, only 8 percent support firing Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire. Those opposing Gardy’s ouster: 58 percent.

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