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Frustrated GOP donor Cummins won’t donate to Minnesota legislators, Strib says

The Star Tribune reports that major GOP contributor Bob Cummins has told people he won’t donate to legislative campaigns this year.

The Star Tribune reports that Bob Cummins, a local CEO who’s been a big donor to state GOP causes, has told people he won’t donate to legislative campaigns this year because he’s upset that the Legislature didn’t approve a “right-to-work” constitutional amendment.

The paper said Cummins, CEO of Primera Technology in Plymouth, has donated more than $3.5 million to state Republican efforts in the past.

Citing “multiple sources,” the paper said Cummins is frustrated that right-to-work, which limits union power, didn’t get through the Legislature and onto the November ballot.

Cummins didn’t respond to the paper’s questions, but Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem, said:

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“He was pretty tied in to the right-to-work issue, and I think that was his main legislative priority. I don’t think I would expect a lot of help out of him given that we didn’t advance that.”

The story says there’s concern that Cummins’ failure to donate could further hurt state Republican fundraising, especially after the party’s recent scandals.

Other GOP business donors expressed frustration about failure to get right-to-work on the ballot, but haven’t said they’d withhold donations.

Republican legislative leaders said there weren’t enough votes to pass the legislation, and some business groups didn’t think this was the right year to put it before voters.