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State Supreme Court to hear Voter ID challenge July 17

The Minnesota Supreme Court will hear arguments on a Voter ID challenge July 17, expediting the process so the matter can be resolved before ballots are printed for the November election.

The Legislature voted to put the proposed Voter ID constitutional amendment on the ballot; if approved, it would require voters to show a photo ID before voting.

But several groups petitioned the court to take it off the ballot because they say it doesn’t adequately describe the effects of the actual amendment.

They claim the wording on the ballot doesn’t notify voters that the amendment would implement a bulky provisional balloting system, doesn’t specify that a government-issued ID is required to vote and doesn’t note that the measure could end Election Day registration.

Republicans in the Legislature had passed a bill in 2011 calling for Voter ID,but Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed it. Legislators then reformatted the issue as a constitutional amendment, which can’t be vetoed and is decided by voters.

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