Update: Rochester City Council president near death after brain aneurysm

Update: The Rochester Post-Bulletin reports that Rochester City Council President Dennis Hanson remained alive early Wednesday afernoon, after suffering a brain aneurysm early in the morning.

Earlier reports had stated that Hanson died around noon, but City Hall officials said it appeared the Hanson’s family was keeping him alive so organs could be harvested for transplant.

Hanson was  finishing his second term on the council and was up for re-election in November.

The state Secretary of State’s office says that the state law, amended last year, calls for Hanson’s name to remain on the ballot; if he’s elected, there would be a vacancy declared and the city charter says the  council would then set a special election to fill the job.

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  1. Submitted by Robert Gauthier on 06/28/2012 - 09:41 am.


    A tragedy for his family, good for them to participate in transplant option. Rochester has had good city leadership for several decades and it is no accident. Our prayers for his family, good luck to the recipients of the families gifts.

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