Brodkorb lawsuit against state claims he was fired because he’s a man

Michael Brodkorb has filed suit against the state of Minnesota, claiming he was fired from his job with the Senate because he’s a man who had an affair with a legislator.

There’d been threats of a lawsuit following his firing late last year after revelations that he had an affair with former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

There had been some expectation of a settlement before the filing, though, because of the scandalous nature of the affair, involving highly placed politicos married to others.

In the lawsuit, Brodkorb said he was treated differently than women who had been in the same situation.

“Similarly situated female legislative employees, from both political parties, were not terminated from their employment positions despite intimate relationships with male legislators,” the lawsuit says.

It says: “Senator Koch will testify that Brodkorb’s employment was terminated by the Republican Leadership because of the intimate relationship between Senator Koch and Brodkorb, as will other legislators and legislative staffers.”

In anticipation of the lawsuit, the state Senate has already paid a lawyer $85,000 through May.

The suit also claims that Senate Secretary Cal Ludeman told a newspaper reporter that Brodkorb was trying to blackmail the Senate and extort a payment.

Brodkorb Lawsuit statement

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Comments (9)

  1. Submitted by Steve Titterud on 07/23/2012 - 04:10 pm.

    The MN GOP doesn’t have enough problems, so now…

    …they’re engaging in gender bias and defamation.

    The documents filed include the following:

    “Stating that a person is extorting or blackmailing another person is a criminal act and is defamation per se and general damages are presumed.”

    “The Plaintiff is a male, and is therefore a member of a protected class based on his gender.”

    I love it !! Thank you, GOP !!

  2. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 07/24/2012 - 10:57 am.

    Here we go

    The “fiscal conservative’s” sexual escapdes are going to be on full display and possibly have a wider group implicated. They will play the legal game as long as possible on your tax dollars. It won’t matter to them though because fiscal conservatives are more than willing to spend your money on themselves. You are about to see how MEANINGLESS the republican self imposed title of “fiscal conservative” really is. This thing hasn’t even got going yet and they have spent more than $85,000. This will be more fodder for the voters to consider when they vote in November.

  3. Submitted by James Hamilton on 07/23/2012 - 04:43 pm.

    That’s an awfully long Complaint

    in a state which requires only “notice” pleading. But, of course, it sounds worse if it’s reported as a 26 page Complaint, which some outlets will no doubt do despite the many repetitions of the allegations. For that matter, neither the demand for jury trial nor the reservation of the right to amend to seek punitive damages are required in the Complaint. In order to amend to seek puntive damages, Brodkorb is must obtain a court order, based on a showing of evidence supporting each of the statutory criteria for such claims. Time will tell.

    Meanwhile, our expenses have only just begun. Can I see a show of hands, DFL or Republican, of those willing to pick up the state’s tab in this? No? Didn’t think so.

    PS Thanks for the Scribd link.

  4. Submitted by Cheryl Kranz on 07/23/2012 - 05:06 pm.

    Discrimination Suit

    How many many working women in illicit relationship with supervisor, boss have lost their jobs because of this kind of bad judgement?

    Did this character think he was untouchable because he was a man? I would say that that the former majority leader suffered some consequences as well.

    This was the first “office affair” I am familair with that BOTH PARTIES paid a price….so I think justice was served….for once.

  5. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 07/23/2012 - 06:59 pm.

    Brodkorb claims he’s a man

    I’d make him definitively prove that in open court.

  6. Submitted by Charlie Wren on 07/23/2012 - 07:22 pm.


    When Amy Koch was removed as Senate Majority leader, her replacement had the opportunity to either keep Broadkorb on, or replace him with an assistant of his own choosing. Senjem choose the latter. Absent a contract, in the state of MN, you are an at-will employee, which means you can be fired for any reason, or even NO reason, at any time. Had Senator Koch fired him, he may have had a case. As it stands, his affair with Senator Koch is irrelevant.

  7. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 07/23/2012 - 08:08 pm.

    Internal Republican decisions…

    …so why are the taxpayers on the hook for this. His firing was not something any Democrat had a hand in. This is a Republican mess that should be paid for by them, but Tony Sutton squandered all their cash so we have to foot the bill for their incompetence. It happens often, I know, but its not usually this blatant.

    • Submitted by Pat Berg on 07/23/2012 - 11:29 pm.

      Class action lawsuit?

      Hmmmm . . . . maybe the citizens of Minnesota – or at least the citizens who identify as DFL voters – could file a class action against the state Republican Party for misappropriation of funds . . . . .

      The worst part of my writing this is that I’m not even sure how tongue-in-cheek my suggestion is!

  8. Submitted by Richard Schulze on 07/24/2012 - 07:01 am.

    So this is what Tort reform looks like.

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