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Emergency warning sirens to sound on Fourth of July for monthly test

Emergency officials want folks celebrating on the Fourth of July to remember that the monthly tests of the emergency warning sirens will happen at 1 p.m.

The Fourth of July falls on the first Wednesday of the month this year, so that means the emergency warning sirens will sound at their normal testing time: 1 p.m.

Ramsey County wants folks who are outside celebrating to be ready:

Emergency Managers from across the metropolitan region hope that this will serve as good time for people in our area to understand what the sirens mean, and what individuals should do when they hear the sirens.

According to Ramsey County Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Judson Freed, no matter where you are in the state – or in the nation – the sirens mean one thing only: “Get information, we are trying to tell you something important.”

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“These sirens are not ‘tornado warning sirens.’ They are not meant to be heard in your home, business or school,” Freed said. “They are an outdoor warning system.”

Some other siren facts from the county:

  • Sirens are sounded for different reasons in Minnesota and nationwide — but they ALWAYS mean the same thing: GET INSIDE FOR INFORMATION. “Inside” might be your car, a park building, or anywhere else you can get information. Sirens are NOT only sounded for tornadoes. There could be another reason.

  • In the Twin Cities metro area, the information is most easily found on the AM radio or TV. But there are a lot of apps for smart phones and tablets, and plug-ins for computers, and NOAA All-Hazards/Weather Radios.

  • The sirens are NOT DESIGNED or intended for you to hear them when you are indoors. They are ONLY meant as an outdoor warning system.

  • There is NEVER an “all-clear” issued by siren.