Gov. Dayton releases 2011 tax returns; he grossed $342,322

Gov. Mark Dayton released his 2011 tax returns Friday, in the late afternoon before a summer weekend, and they show he grossed $342,322.

They show his federal taxable income was $264,532, with payment of $65,378 in federal income taxes, for an effective federal tax rate of 25 percent.

His Minnesota taxable income was $336,520.  He paid state income taxes of $32,426, for an effective tax rate of 9.6 perent.

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  1. Submitted by Patty Seifert on 07/17/2012 - 02:24 pm.

    What about trust fund $

    Is that ALL his income? What about the trust fund money in South Dakota, I think is where it is?

    He can’t get taxed on the trust fund $ he gets from his GRANFATHER’S work and forsight. The tax the top 1% takes on a whole new meaning if those dollars get taxed by the Federal Gov’t. That money is not recognized as income in MN – why not? He wants to tax the rich – why not lead the way and write out a check to the State of MN Gov. Dayton?

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