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Hmong American Partnership opposes both amendments; some Hmong groups support marriage measure

The Hmong American Partnership opposes both Voter ID and marriage proposals.

The Hmong American Partnership, a support and cultural organization, is opposing the two constitutional amendments — the marriage amendment and the Voter ID amendment — which will be the statewide ballot in November.

But other Hmong groups are working to pass the marriage amendment.

In opposing the marriage amendment, the group’s president and CEO, Bao Vang, told MPR:

“We do not believe in the discrimination of any groups, and Hmong being the minority community, we know how that feels.”

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The group also thinks the Voter ID amendment would make it harder for citizens to vote.

But some Hmong groups are working with Minnesota for Marriage group to pass the marriage amendment, the story says:

Shong Yang, co-owner and president of a “Hmong megamall” that includes 18 restaurants, an indoor farmers’ market and bazaar, supports it:

“I don’t like the idea of a man marrying a man and woman marrying a woman because God created us, and God created a man and a woman.”

The Hmong American Alliance Church also is working to pass the amendment.