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Michele Bachmann sends letter urging governors to forgo health exchanges

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was among many members of Congress opposed to the Health Care Act who signed a letter to all 50 governors urging them to “oppose any creation of a state health care exchange mandated under the President’s discredited health care law.”

Said Bachmann:

“While Republicans in Congress will continue to push for a full repeal of Obamacare, the states can take immediate action to reject these exchanges that will increase health care costs and add more layers of bureaucratic red tape. I encourage all 50 governors to do what’s best for the American people. They should refuse to implement an exchange and instead work towards common sense solutions that lower costs and return important health care decisions to patients and their doctors.”

The letter was signed by 12 U.S. senators and 61 representatives.

Bachmann,  South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint and Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan were the lead signers.

Says the letter:

The Supreme Court has ruled significant parts of the Medicaid expansion of the President’s health care law unconstitutional as well as ruling that the individual mandate violated the Commerce Clause and will therefore be implemented as a punitive tax on the middle class. This presents us with a critical choice: Do we allow this reprehensible law to move forward or do we fully repeal it and start over with commonsense solutions? The American people have made it clear that they want us to throw this law out in its entirety.

As members of the U.S. Congress, we are dedicated to the full repeal of this government takeover of healthcare and we ask you to join us to oppose its implementation.

And it concludes:

Implementation of this law is not inevitable and without the unconstitutional individual mandate it is improbable.  Join us in resisting a centralized government approach to health care reform and instead focus on solutions that make health care more affordable and accessible for every American. Let’s work to create a health care system of, for, and by the people, not government or special interests.

Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 07/02/2012 - 02:36 pm.


    Looks like some members of Congress lack it.
    Look at page 4 right column 10th and 11th down for the worst examples.
    I know that this is not an official document, but can members of Congress really sign with an ‘X’?

  2. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 07/02/2012 - 06:25 pm.

    All you have to know about Bachmann

    Bachmann has zero credibility because she does not deal with facts. This has been proven over and over.

  3. Submitted by Gerald Abrahamson on 07/03/2012 - 09:23 am.

    Simply deny healthcare to Congress if they oppose healthcare.

    If they are opposed to healthcare, then don’t allow them to have any. Simple problem with a simple solution. Now, let’s watch how fast they change their opinions when “the solution” comes home to roost.

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