Minnesota Council of Nonprofits exec picked for State Department fellowship

Jeannie Fox, deputy public policy director of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, has been named to a State Department Professional Fellows Program that is meant to build connections in the Western hemisphere.

She’s one of 75 fellows to take part in the program, which organizers say will help with “strengthening the ability of government officials and civil society leaders, and working together to advance government transparency and accountability.”

Fox will work with Alianza ONG, a Dominican Republic organization that promotes nonprofit organizations. She’ll be at their Santo Domingo office for three weeks this summer.

Countries involved include Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and the United States.

Jon Pratt, MCN’s executive director, sees value in the program:

“Nonprofits (and NGO’s) in different countries have a common need for positive relationships between community organizations and legislative bodies, which makes for better decisions and a lively democracy. Minnesota nonprofits have gained a great deal from international exchanges and in this case the legislative focus makes it unique.”

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