Session Weekly ceases print publication of Minnesota legislative news

Session Weekly, a news magazine published by the nonpartisan House Public Information Services, is shutting down after 29 years.

 The service will continue to provide online information, but says:

“…because of a dynamic shift to accessing information online, the continued reduction in the Session Weekly print subscriber base, and as a result of responses to our user surveys, we have determined the best allocation of our department’s limited time and resources is to end Session Weekly and shift our attention to creating an even more robust online presence, especially through the expansion of Session Daily.”

They say circulation is down more than 79 percent since 2000 for the print product. 

Echoing the thoughts of print media everywhere, they note:

Computers and portable electronic devices have changed how a majority of people receive their news and information, and when they expect to receive it.

They say the online opportunities will include:

  • providing more news and information in a timelier fashion;
  • expanded use and availability of multimedia content (photos, video and audio)
  • streaming of House television coverage to mobile devices.

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  1. Submitted by Tim Walker on 07/11/2012 - 03:02 pm.

    I wrote for Session Weekly for two legislative sessions in the 90s.

    I’m sorry to see it go, but the reasons for its demise are solid.

    Heck, *I’ve* not been a subscriber for more than a dozen years

  2. Submitted by John Edwards on 07/12/2012 - 11:20 am.

    Session Weekly Sets The Standard

    Session Weekly does an excellent job or reporting without the liberal bias and tone that permeates the reporting of the mainstream media, proving it is possible.

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