Bills wants a dozen Senate debates; Klobuchar’s agreed to two

Kurt Bills, the Republican challenging U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, wants up to a dozen debates between now and the Nov. 7 election.

In a statement on his website, Bills says:

“There were over 20 debates in the gubernatorial race in 2010. So far, Amy Klobuchar has only agreed to two, and none after the State Fair.”

He suggests 10 to 12 debates, in townhall-style meetings. He’d like several in October, when voters pay attention.

“Townhall-style meetings allow for conversation and give-and-take. Minnesotans deserve to hear their candidates off script and truly engaged in the issues,” he said.

“Amy Klobuchar is clogging up her schedule with fundraisers, but has had almost no contact with regular voters. People shouldn’t have to shell out thousands of dollars just to talk to their Senator and find out what she thinks.”

Responds Linden Zakula, a Klobuchar spokesman:

“Candidates that call for debates usually do it when there aren’t any debates. There are already two scheduled for this month, including this Wednesday.”

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  1. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 08/06/2012 - 05:14 pm.

    “over 20 debates in the gubernatorial race”

    Apparently Bills doesn’t know what office he’s running for.

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